Neon Tutu Skirt Rainbow I Love 80’S Fancy Dress Black Top Legwarmers Gloves

A rainbow twist on our original I love 80’s sets.

This set includes our classic black “I LOVE 80S” Top.

Our new and exclusive Rainbow Petal Style Tutu Skirt, Pink Headband, Pink Legwarmers, Gloves, Glow Stick, Glow Stick Glasses and Beads (Colours & Styles of accessories may vary)

Tutu skirt is made from the crispest fluorescent netting available.  Four layers are made up with fluorescent green, cerise pink, blue and orange.  The colours are placed side by side to give the effect as shown in the image.  Our 50mm black stretch elasticated waistbands ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Chose from a fitted style ladies t-shirt or a standard style unisex t-shirt

Fitted T-Shirt Size Guide- :

S UK Size 6-8
M UK Size 10-12
L UK Size 12-14
XL UK Size 14-16
2XL UK Size 18-20
3XL UK Size 22-24

Standard T-Shirt Size Guide- :

Standard Chest / Bust T-Shirt Size Guide- :
S: 35-37 M: 38-40 L: 41-43 XL: 44-46 XXL: 47-49

S UK Size 10-12
M UK Size 14-16
L UK Size 18-20
XL UK Size 22-24
2XL UK Size 24-26
3XL UK Size 26-30